03 Mei, 2010

The Manager Interview - The 5 Management Skills that Matter

The manager interview centers around 5 main areas of competence. These are the qualities or competencies that a successful manager displays, regardless of age, gender, industry or organization. Prepare for management interview questions that explore these competencies.

Provides Clear Direction

A good manager establishes and defines specific objectives and desired results. These are clearly communicated to staff and responsibility and resources appropriately delegated to achieve these outcomes. Ongoing controls are established and follow up implemented to ensure task and goal achievement.

Communicates Clearly and Openly

The manager should be open and direct in dealing with people. Staff want straightforward information from their managers or supervisors. Open communication develops an atmosphere of trust, essential to successful goal attainment.

Develops and Supports People

A skillful manager works with others to maximize performance. Coaching, mentoring, facilitating and delegating all play a role in staff development. Performance management and feedback are also key elements. Supporting staff is consistently rated as one of the most important aspects of effective management.

Makes Decisions When they are Needed

Good judgment and decision-making skills ensure that things get done. Although employees often want a say in things they don't want endless debate and discussion. Effective managers are able to judge when it is time to get on with things and make a decision.

Motivates Staff

A manager that encourages staff to give of their best, recognizes good performance and rewards appropriately will be effective in getting things done and achieving meaningful results.

A manager interview uses behavioral questions to determine the candidate's level of competency in these 5 areas. Based on the premise that past behavior predicts future behavior, these behavioral questions ask the candidate to provide evidence or examples of how they demonstrated the required competency in the past. Prepare for behavioral interview questions that explore these 5 essential competencies in your manager interview.



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