03 Mei, 2010

Completing a Job Application ... Some Do's and Don'ts


* Take the application home if possible.
* Type it or print very clearly in black ink. The employer expects that your application will be an example of your best work.
* Communicate your background clearly with action words.
* Use your full legal name, not a "nickname".
* If there is a blank for "salary desired" try to give a salary range or state "open" or "negotiable".
* Include all dates of employment and verify those dates.
* Complete all blocks on the form. If an item is not applicable, put N/A (not applicable).
* If possible, attach a well-written resume for quick review.
* Include all experiences - paid and volunteer.
* Try to make your application interesting - use action verbs.
* If the application asks if you would consider temporary or part time work, don't say "no" without realizing that you might be passing up an opportunity to "get in" the company.
* Use references who can attest to your work ability and can remember you. It's a good idea to ask their permission first. Those considered good references include: a recognized community leader, a former employer or teacher, friends who are established in business.


* Don't misspell words.
* Don't omit your signature or date of application.
* Don't attach any other pieces of information (transcript, letters of recommendation, etc.) other than a short resume, unless specifically requested.
* Don't omit community, civic, church or club work.
* Don't ever be negative.
* Don't make your application a challenge to read - make it clear, complete and neat.
* Don't write "anything" in answer to the question "position desired." Employers expect you to state clearly the kind of work you are seeking.



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