21 April, 2010


The term economics comes from the Greek oikonomia, which is a combined word oikos-nomos. Oikos means households, while the nomos meaning rule. Oikonomia means the rules to meet the needs of living in a household.
Reasons of economic aid in learning the following things.
1. Improving Thinking
Thinking techniques and problem-solving methods used in a rational human being can improve thinking ability and ease in decision-making especially in economic field.
2. Understanding Behavior Society
In interacting with other individuals at every opportunity to produce an exchange, whether of goods, services or information. From this interaction you understand the behavior of the community.
3. Understand Global Issues
Economic interactions of a State is also embodied in many international trade and international economic cooperation. Not surprisingly, the State of Indonesia has received assistance from abroad, especially during a crisis.
4. Be More Democratic
Democratic attitudes manifested by respecting their opinions, stance, political attitudes, and choices of others. Basically every individual wants to achieve a rational self-interest and this should be respected.


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